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 March 4, 2018 — March 14, 2018

  Haifa, Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Eilat and Tel Aviv

  Lori Lasday at is it safe to buy viagra online canadian pharmacy
US Cell: 973-868-7774
Israel Cell: 058-492-8104

  Main Tour Package, March 4-11, 2018:
Land package (Twin/Double sharing basis)
$1749 per person.
Land package (Single) - $2442

Jordan Extension - March 11-14, 2018:
Land package (Twin/Double sharing basis)
$965 per person.
Land package (Single) - $1215

Trip Information:

Buy viagra online usa - Best non prescription viagra

  • Visit the “Jesus Boat” at the Yigal Alon Museum
  • Mount of Beatitudes
  • Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Old City alleyways
  • Jerusalem’s Christian Quarter, including the Stations on the Via Dolorosa
  • Bethlehem
  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher and The Garden Tomb
  • Enjoy a dip in the Dead Sea
Click for more highlights
  • Tree planting at the Neot Kedumim Biblical Park
  • Caesarea
  • Muhraka, Nazareth and Magdala
  • Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum
  • Mount of Beatitudes
  • St Peter’s fish lunch at Ein Gev
  • Yardenit Baptismal Site
  • City of David, Davidson Center and the Western Wall Tunnels
  • Israel Update session with NPR’s Linda Gradstein
  • Masada and the Qumran Caves
  • Yad Vashem
  • Israel Museum and the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Shrine of the Book
  • Mahane Yehuda Food and Spice Market
  • Sound and Light Show at the Tower of David
  • Ein Karem

(Optional) Jordan Extension – March 11-14, 2018

  • Petra: The Capital of the Nabateans
  • Eilat and the The Red Sea
  • Tel Aviv: Beaches, Cafes, and Shopping

Additional Information:

buy viagra online cheap canada


Trip Summary: 11 days / 10 nights
1 Night
Sea of Galilee
1 Night
5 Nights
2 Nights
Tel Aviv
1 Night

Ready to Register?

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Don't forget your travel insurance:

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