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Meet Lori…

buy lasix Lori Serbin Lasday has a passion for Israel and the power of Israel experiences. This passion is demonstrated through: her lifelong involvement with Israel oriented organizations; her strong personal connections with Israelis through more than 50 visits to the Land; teaching about historical and modern Israel in formal and informal settings and her career as a recruiter for Israel programs.  Since joining Young Judaea, Hadassah’s Zionist youth group, while in middle school, Lori has been nurtured in the values of the powerful, life changing, impact of Israel Education. Witnessing the effect of both short and long term Israel experiences on her own children, students, and program participants of varied ages from throughout the US and Canada, continues to strengthen her resolve to make this opportunity available to as many people as possible.

buy finasteride lloyds pharmacy As a  master teacher, Lori views every interaction as a learning opportunity. As a “people person’” Lori makes every acquaintance, a friend. Fluent in the Hebrew language, Lori provides tour participants with personal connections to Israelis and day-to-day Israeli life.

Lori is a graduate of Chatham College, Pennsylvania College for Women, where she received a BS in Sociology and Economics. She and her family (husband Jeff and children David and Ilana) have lived in Pittsburgh, Boston, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Columbus, St. Louis, New Jersey and Jerusalem. She presently resides in West Bloomfield, MI, with her husband, teacher and friend, Jeffrey Lasday. Life and work in each of these diverse communities has afforded Lori the opportunity to build a repertoire of skills and widen her scope of understanding people from varied backgrounds and life situations.