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1-973-868-7774 (US) 058-492-8104 (Israel Mobile) IWiLLIsrael@gmail.com

What is the IWiLL Experience?

buy viagra brand online IWiLL is a unique concierge travel experience for adults.

Our meaningful Jewish Journeys are for individuals, couples, relatives and friends from all “shuls of thought” – from secular to traditional. We also pride ourselves on offering specific trips for the Christian traveler as well as interfaith trips with a shared focus on a specific theme (i.e. Sustainable Israel, Alternative Health Care options, LGBT, etc.)

Who is it for?

Our programs take participants throughout this ancient/modern Land: north, south, east and west, to cultivate a positive and long lasting relationship with the History, Future, Land and People of Israel.

IWiLL 101 is designed for first time visitors to Israel and those individuals who have not been to Israel in more than 10 years.

All IWiLL participants will be given the opportunity to extend their stay in Israel with an optional trip to Eilat and Petra, Jordan, an opportunity to give back to Israel and her citizens by participating in volunteer service, or build your own extension with our professional assistance.

IWiLL work with you and your unique group to build the trip you have always imagined and together we WiLL bring it to life!

Please let us know if you have a “dream trip” you would like to see offered. The Zionist leader Theodore Herzl said it best, “If you will it, it is not a dream.” With a group of 20-40 participants, we will work with you and your group to build the trip you have always imagined and bring it to life