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Zionist forefather, Theodore Herzl is quoted as saying,
“Eem Tirtzu, Ayn zoh Agadah – If YOU WILL it, it is not a Dream.”

Israel With Lori Lasday will make your dream a reality.
IWiLL…so that YOU WiLL
~Adult Group Travel to Israel~


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Upcoming Trips

The Holy Land: In the Footsteps of Christianity
March 4, 2018
Haifa, Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Eilat and Tel Aviv

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Sustainable Israel: From the Ground Up
March 18, 2018
Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

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Best in Class & Award Winning Travel

IWiLL’s core promises are: 24/7 concierge service; creative learning; nurturing community; individualized care; humor; and energy, while insuring every participants’ enjoyment, sense of wonder, personal connection, health, and safety.

Boutique Travel for Adults

IWiLL specializes in meaningful group travel in Israel for adults.

In addition, IWiLL works with diverse age and interest groups to develop travel in Israel programs to meet their specific needs.

Soul Igniting

Igniting the Passion of Each Soul” is a core promise that IWiLL delivers on.

Backed by the experts that know the land, the passion of a fearless and tireless leader and the constant attention to detail

We WiLL ignite & fan the embers within you!

Why Us

Excellence in Customer Service

The IWiLL team is attentive to each individual’s needs. From trip registration, through every aspect of the Israel journey and for many years to come, we offer our assistance and resources to our participants. Our goal is to insure the enjoyment, engagement, health and safety of each and every IWiLL participant.

24/7 Concierge Service

Members of the IWiLL team are housed in the same accommodations as the group so that we can be accessible all day and night. Our in depth knowledge of points of interest, stimulating activities and unique restaurants is offered for every stop along the way.

Safety and Security

The foundation of our program is the health and safety of each participant. The IWiLL team is in constant contact with Israel’s situation room for real time updates on traffic, weather, and security issues. This knowledge and close working leadership team enables us to change the program seamlessly to insure the comfort, enjoyment and safety of our group.

Engaging Group Dynamics

Traveling with a group of peers enhances the experience of each individual. Shared memories are built upon past personal experiences to nurture lifelong friendships. We also pride ourselves on building connections between trip participants and their long lost Israeli friends or relatives and the new acquaintances that we meet along our Israel journey

Unique Educational Insights

IWiLL guides were chosen because of their educational expertise and passion for learning and teaching. “Burning Bushes” are all around us, participants on IWiLL stop to take notice!

Behind the Scenes Connections

IWiLL is not just a tour through the windows of a bus or a vacation from the lounge chair on a beach. IWiLL is a charge to meet and converse with Israelis of diverse backgrounds and life circumstances. You WiLL gain insights into “real life” through interactive opportunities to engage, interact and stay connected to the Land, the People, the History and the Future of Israel. “Eem Tirtzu, Ayn Zoh Agadah – If YOU WiLL it, it is not just a dream” ~ Theodore Herzl


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